Growers supplying Mackay Sugar can choose who markets their GEI (grower economic interest) sugar.

Mackay Sugar has agreements in place with its mill-owned marketer QCS, and with QSL.

Growers can nominate 100% of their GEI sugar to be marketed by one marketer or can split their GEI sugar between marketers on a percentage basis.

You can find out more about QCS’ GEI marketing offer by browsing through the following:

If you’d like to complete a GEI marketing nomination for a future season (the 2021 Season and beyond), please download the form below, complete it and return it to Mackay Sugar via one of the methods on the form:


If you’d like to know more, please contact QCS Grower Services Officer Arthur Douglas on 0447 534 791 or via email.

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If QCS is the marketer for all or some of your GEI sugar and you would like to forward price online, please contact us  to arrange access to the Pricing Portal.

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