Growers that nominate QCS as their GEI marketer can manage their forward pricing through the Grower Pricing Portal.

The Portal provides the easiest way to manage your forward pricing, enabling you to:

  • view a summary of forward pricing already done
  • check tonnage available to do further forward pricing
  • review previous pricing fills and current orders
  • place new pricing orders
  • cancel orders that have been placed, but are not yet filled
  • switch your forward pricing option from GIPO to ‘QCS to Decide’ or vice versa.

If you have nominated QCS as your GEI marketer for some or all of your GEI sugar, you can access the Portal as soon as you have signed a forward pricing agreement or a QCS Grower Pricing Agreement. If you don’t yet have a signed agreement (or you aren’t sure), please contact us, and we can get you onto the Portal and show you how it works.

If you have signed an agreement, but haven’t got around to using the Portal yet – or perhaps you haven’t used it for a while and aren’t feeling confident – please call QCS on 1800 774 246 and we can help you out over the phone or by sitting down with you for a one-on-one demonstration of the Portal.

You can read the QCS Grower Pricing Portal Terms and Conditions here.