Mackay growers were the first in Australia to be able to individually forward price, and have had access to innovative and flexible forward pricing arrangements for many years. But why should you consider forward pricing?

A grower who forward priced each year over the last 14 completed seasons is, on average, $19 per IPS tonne of sugar better off (for sugar available to be forward priced for the season up to the season’s limit) than a grower who only priced in-season through the Short Term Pool.

Forward pricing vs Short Term Pool — 14 seasons (2008 Season to 2021 Season)

Forward pricing
$/t IPS
Short Term Pool
$/t IPS
$/t IPS
14-year average 444 425 19

QCS’ forward pricing options are flexible and simple for you to manage. We don’t require you to work out contract expiries or price in specific amounts. Features include:

  • You can price up to four seasons ahead of the current season, within the limits for the relevant season.
  • Sugar is committed for the relevant season once it is priced. Until then, you can add or remove tonnage.
  • Sugar that is not priced during the pricing period for the relevant season becomes in-season tonnage
  • You can let QCS manage the pricing and marketing decisions for you or control your own pricing outcomes.


Browse our forward pricing page, or contact QCS Grower Services Officer Arthur Douglas on 0447 534 791 or via email.

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If QCS is the marketer for all or some of your GEI sugar and you would like to forward price online, please contact us  to arrange access to the Pricing Portal.

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