Short Term Pool prices

The QCS Short Term Pool price received by Mackay growers is a weighted average of QCS-managed pools. For the 2020 Season, the year-to-date price at 31 March is AUD 410.77 per IPS t gross.

Shared Pool price

The Shared Pool price for the 2020 Season at 31 March is AUD 2,669.45 per IPS t. The Shared Pool return is applied to around two to three per cent of your QCS-nominated tonnage for the season (dependent on US Quota entitlements allocated to QCS for the season).

As per the Mackay Sugar cane supply agreement, the Shared Pool price is a combination of US Quota pricing (AUD 703.00 per IPS t at the end of March) less QCS costs. QCS’ March costs are a positive number, AUD 34.42 per IPS t.

From time to time, typically when the Thailand crop is low, Australian sugar receives a significant premium over the ICE No.11 for sales into Asia. This is currently the case, where premiums paid by some customers are up to AUD 90 per tonne above the ICE No.11. Regional premiums are paid through the Shared Pool, whereby the additional regional premiums are added to USQ tonnes. Because USQ tonnage, which is the only sugar in the Shared Pool, is relatively small overall, these additional premiums have a large impact on the Shared Pool numbers.

Forward pricing

The price a grower receives for forward pricing varies, dependent on the grower’s individual pricing decisions. The price is received in the season in which the sugar is produced and delivered, not the season in which it is forward priced.

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