• Weekly Market Report 21 July 2014 21 July 2014

    SUGAR MARKET OVERVIEW October sugar moved slightly lower (–0.10 USc/lb) over the week with Oct closing close to its lows at 16.97. Solid commercial buying and perceived demand from Asia just under current market levels has slowed the move lower. The real movers, however was further out the curve, selling off on reduced fears of an El Nino event affecting the BRL crop and favourable weather conditions in India and Thailand. The Oct/Mar Spread, rallied from –180 to –137. This coming week we have the Kingsman c...
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  • Weekly Market Report 28 July 2014 28 July 2014

    SUGAR MARKET OVERVIEW Sugar traded the week over a tight range on much reduced volumes. Only 50,000 lots traded between Oct14 and Mar14 on Friday night. The COT numbers now have the spec community sitting at a small short (–12,500 lots). The specs have been consistently paying the market this year, selling at the bottom to consumers and buying at the top from the producers. The market is beginning to focus on the possibility of El Nino not coming at all this year and it is expected this will keep pressure firmly...
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