• Weekly Market report 6 January 2015 6 January 2015

    SUGAR MARKET UPDATE Sugar finished 2014 on the back foot and has started 2015 in the same way. Life of contract lows were made in Mar at 14.07 and a small reversal ensued following the straight line move from 15.20 just before Christmas. The Indian crop is moving along at a very swift pace, especially compared to last year, with the ‘failed monsoon’ chatter looking more like hope than reality. There is also plenty of talk of export subsidies, with Pakistan beating India to announce first. On a slightly more...
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  • Weekly Market Report 13 January 2015 13 January 2015

    SUGAR MARKET UPDATE Sugar rallied dramatically on Tuesday last week in what appears to have been a series of stop loss buying finding very little selling. More stops were triggered on Wednesday, over 1500, but they met with very strong selling from all different types of sellers. There has been some talk about January being very dry in Brazil, but given the good December rainfall, and the forecast of above average rainfall for the end of January, we feel the ‘price has been driving the news’. It has been o...
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