QCS welcomes back growers for the 2020 Season

Following the 2020 Season GEI nomination deadline of 31 October, QCS is welcoming back a number of growers who nominated QSL as their 2019 Season marketer, but have returned to QCS for the 2020 Season.

Growers coming back to QCS have told us that our straightforward and flexible marketing offer, which continues to provide some of the best returns available to Australian growers, has been key to their decision.

Growers have also let us know that another important reason for returning to QCS is our strong local focus. QCS is 100% focused on maximising returns to Mackay growers and also on keeping our costs to you as low as possible. A number of growers have also been in touch to say how impressed they are with QCS’ year-round commitment to building and maintaining relationships.

So, if you’d like to discuss any aspects of your sugar pricing and marketing (regardless of who you nominated as your 2020 Season marketer!), please don’t hesitate to call QCS Grower Services Officer Arthur Douglas on 0447 534 791. Arthur will be happy to chat on the phone or drop out to see you a time that suits you.

7 November 2019