Improved forward pricing options for Mackay sugar growers

Mackay growers can now access long-term banded pricing at increased limits until 25 February 2017, bringing forward pricing options for Mackay growers into line with industry standards.

Queensland Commodity Services’ General Manager Brent Casey announced that long-term banded pricing limits have been increased to 60 per cent of a grower’s production estimate for the 2017 season and 50 per cent for the 2018 season, up from previous limits of 40 per cent for each season. Limits remain at 40 per cent for the 2019 season.

“Growers can access the new forward pricing options by placing a Grower Long Term Banded Pricing order between now and 25 February 2017. Any new order will cancel a grower’s existing unfilled orders, ” Mr Casey said.

“The new limits and timeframes apply for both ‘MSL to decide’ and ‘GIPO’ options.”

Mr Casey noted that if growers do not submit a revised order, their existing long-term banded pricing orders will be unchanged.

The new long-term banding pricing limits and extended timeframes will be available in future seasons. Growers will receive advice about their available balances, pricing limits and timeframes when long-term banded pricing opens for a new season.

12 January 2017

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