Our LTBP options are flexible & simple for you to manage. We don’t require you to work out contract expiries or price in specific amounts. Features:·

  • Price up to three seasons ahead of the current season, within limits of 60% of 2020, 50% of 2021 & 40% of 2022 Season GEI Sugar.
  • Sugar becomes committed for the relevant season once it is priced. Until then, you can add or remove tonnage.
  • Any sugar not priced during the pricing period for the relevant season becomes in-season tonnage.
  • Within the total forward pricing limits for the relevant season, you can combine ‘MSL to Decide’ & GIPO LTBP options.
If you would like QCS to manage your forward pricing, you can nominate GEI Sugar to ‘MSL to Decide’ – LTBP for up to three seasons ahead of the 2019 Season. QCS makes the pricing & marketing decisions for sugar nominated to this option. If you like to manage your own forward pricing outcomes, you can do so via GIPO – LTBP. In GIPO – LTBP, you set target price bands, & If the market trades to within your target band/s, under most circumstances, your sugar will be priced at a price within that band.
Regardless of the option you choose for in-season pricing, as per your CSPA, you receive a Shared Pool allocation, which includes a proportional share of the US Quota allocation for Australian sugar. The US Quota has a set participation level (between 2—5%), based on the ICE 16 futures market contracts available to Australian sugar.
You can allocate in-season GEI Sugar to the Short Term Pool, for QCS to manage in the same way your in-season tonnage has been managed in previous seasons. The Short Term Pool is uncommitted, & in most circumstances there are no consequences if you do not deliver all of the nominated tonnage. QCS will manage production risk within the pool structure, & also makes the pricing & marketing decisions for the pool.
Under this option, you can allocate in-season GEI Sugar directly to pricing pools.
Aims to achieve a price outcome reflective of returns available in the market during the season, while also considering production risk, mill performance & storage constraints. If you choose this option, at least 30% of GEI Sugar is allocated to this pool.

Aims to exceed the average returns that could be achieved by pricing evenly across the season, through active management that utilises favourable market conditions.
Provides a known minimum pricing outcome, while enabling you to participate in price increases during the season, if the market trades to certain levels.


Call us for a chat, or read more about the QCS pooling and pricing options in the QCS 2019 Season Marketing Guide.

Once GEI marketing nominations close on 5 March 2019, you will be able to choose pooling and pricing options for the sugar you have nominated to QCS as a GEI marketer.

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