QCS offers the industry’s most effective and straightforward GEI marketing.

We offer growers the ability to combine a simple in-season pricing mechanism with effective use of forward pricing. In the QCS Short Term Pool, QCS manages your in-season production risk, leaving you to grow more great cane.

Marketing with QCS provides:


Recent changes

Increased forward pricing limits

Forward pricing limits have been increased. New limits are:

  • 70% of 2022 Season estimated total production
  • 70% of 2023 Season estimated total production and
  • 50% of 2024 Season estimated total production.

You can read more about QCS’ forward pricing options here.

Grower Managed Pricing

QCS has an in-season pool for growers who want to manage their own in-season price risk. The Grower Managed Pricing option has eligibility requirements, so if you are interested please contact QCS Grower Services Officer Arthur Douglas on 0447 534 791 or via email.

You can read more about QCS’ in-season pricing options here.

A name change

‘MSL to Decide’ is now ‘QCS to Decide’ forward pricing.

This is simply a name change that reflects more accurately the fact that QCS makes the pricing decisions for this forward pricing option. The way this forward pricing option is managed remains as straightforward as it has always been.

Want to find out more about the QCS offer?

You can find the details of each of the QCS pooling and pricing options here:

Do I need to complete a nomination form?

If you already market with QCS, you don’t need to complete a new GEI Sugar Marketer Nomination Form each year.

If you would like to nominate QCS as your new GEI marketer or increase the amount of sugar you would like to nominate to QCS for the 2023 Season and beyond, you can contact QCS Grower Services Officer Arthur Douglas on 0447 534 791 or via email, and Arthur can explain the process to you. Alternatively, you can download, complete and return this form  to Mackay Sugar.

Login to the Pricing Portal

If QCS is the marketer for all or some of your GEI sugar and you would like to forward price online, please contact us  to arrange access to the Pricing Portal.

Pricing Portal