The directors of QCS are appointed by the Board of Mackay Sugar Limited in accordance with the QCS Constitution. All directors of QCS, including the chair, are non-executive directors.

Maurie Maughan, Chairman and Director

FCA, FTIA, JP (C.dec)

Maurie was appointed a director of QCS in August 2015, and is also a director of Mackay Sugar. Previously, Maurie was a director of Mossman Mill, appointed on 9 November 2007. In 2006, he retired as a partner after 31 years with international accounting firm KPMG.

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Jannik Olejas, Director

Jannik was appointed a director of QCS in January 2020.

Jannik is also the Chief Executive Officer of Mackay Sugar. He joined the company in September 2019, following the completion of the subscription into Mackay Sugar by Nordzucker AG.

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Lee Blackburn, Director


Lee was appointed to the QCS Board in December 2016, and is also the Deputy Chairman of Mackay Sugar. He has been a grower for 20 years and has been managing the family farm and harvesting business since 2002.

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